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If you live in the Hunter's Glen subdivision, on North Englecreek, on Metropolitan Blvd., or in the #1000 Pevely Pointe apartments, your students will be riding Bus #1 in both the am and pm starting Sept. 25. 

Updated bus times were sent home with students Friday afternoon. 


Bus #1 Driver: Ben Cordray
6:50  Sunrise & Sunset
6:51  Borman & Engle Creek
6:52   1948 Englecreek
6:56  Fox Hollow & Deer Pointe
6:58  1854 Eagle Crest
7:00  Fox Hollow & Quail Meadow
7:02  Fox Hollow & Eagle Crest
7:09  Pevely Pointe Buildings(HS students)
(Bus stop for these buildings will be at the mailbox gazebo

Pevely Elementary     Bus #1 Driver: Ben Cordray

7:47 Sunrise & Sunset
7:50 Borman & Engle Creek
7:52 Crossroads & Metropolitan
7:56 Fox Hollow & Deer Pointe
7:59 1854 Eagle Crest
8:00 Eagle Crest & Quail Meadow
8:01 Fox Hollow & Eagle Crest
8:05 8607 Metropolitan
8:07 Pevely Pointe Buildings 1010-1016-1022
**Bus stop for these buildings will be at the mailbox gazebo


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